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  • How can I become a new patient of Fabito Anesthesia & Pain Specialists?
    Fabito Anesthesia & Pain Specialists is a referral-based practice. Therefore, even if your insurance does not require a referral, our physicians require a referral from your primary care physician or another medical provider in order to schedule an appointment.
  • What will I need to bring to my first appointment as a new patient?
    Medical records must be provided as well as recent imaging and lab work. You must also have your current insurance card and photo identification.
  • What insurances do Fabito Anesthesia & Pain Specialists accept?
    All PPO plans are accepted. The ONLY HMO plans accepted are Aetna and United Health Care WITH a referral for treatment from the insurance Medicare, Railroad Medicare, Nevada straight Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicaid and Silver Summit Medicaid. **At this time, we don't accept Health Plan of Nevada, Sierra health plans and a few others. For specific questions about your insurance, please call our front desk.
  • Will I see a physician on my first new patient appointment?
    Yes, only medical doctors see new patients at Fabito Anesthesia & Pain Specialists.
  • What are some of the strategies used by Fabito Anesthesia & Pain Specialists to ensure appropriate medical management for pain?
    We adhere to the strict guidelines of the Nevada AB474. We utilize multiple Federal and Nevada Pain Society guidelines to ensure appropriate therapeutics and safety. Some of our strategies include: Opiate contracts, random urine drug screens, random pill counts and use of the prescription monitoring program.
  • What makes Fabito Anesthesia different from other pain medicine practices?
    At Fabito Anesthesia & Pain Specialists we focus on healing. We can utilize both Western and integrative approaches to tailor a specific program for you. Our Physicians are Board Certified Anesthesiologists and Pain Specialists with a Fellowship in pain management. Our on-site integrative modalities include: nutritionist, acupuncture, meditation, life coaching, yoga, and many more, to supplement Western medicine to begin your journey to pain relief and healing.
  • Does Fabito Anesthesia & Pain Specialists perform all the procedures and surgeries at the surgery center?
    At Fabito Anesthesia and Pain Specialists we have an in-office procedure suite. We have on-site fluoroscopy and ultrasound. For those procedures that do not require anesthesia, we can offer a more cost-effective approach by performing the procedures in the office. For the interventional procedures and surgeries that require anesthesia, we have affiliated surgery centers.
  • Do you need an appointment for medication refill?
    Yes, you need an appointment for medication refills. It is appropriate to evaluate and reassess your condition and continued necessary medication management.
  • If I have a billing question, who should I contact?"
    For any billing questions, please contact Branson Management at 702-492-9439

Frequently Asked Questions

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